23 Struggles Every Twentysomething Who Lives At Home Understands


1. When you live at home in your twenties, it’s difficult to feel like a full-fledged adult.

2. You have less freedom than you did in college, yet even more responsibilities than those four years of undergrad bliss.

3. Your parents, siblings, and even your household pets are always up in your business.

4. There basically isn’t anything going on in your personal life that they don’t know about.

5. Any semblance of a love life you might have takes a serious hit.

6. One-night stands and random hookups are usually a no-go. Casual romance? Forget about it.

7. Because who wants to bring someone home to their childhood bedroom and twin-size bed?

8. And even if you spend the night somewhere else, you have to make it home before your parents wake up the next morning.

9. Or, despite the odds, if you do date someone on a more regular basis, they end up meeting your family way sooner than they might expect to.

10. If your parents still live in your hometown, it’s nearly impossible to avoid running into people you went to high school with.

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